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The New You – New Identity

May 26, 2020

We can choose to identify with either our old Sinful Nature, or our New Creation Nature which we have received by Grace.

Our Spiritual enemy knows that if he can get us to believe that we are still corrupt Sinners, then we will be permanently defeated. What you Identify with you end up becoming. If you believe that you are a New Creation in Christ you will live a victorious life, and you will be empowered by Grace to overcome Sin and other weaknesses.

Identification is our free choice, so you must decide to stop thinking about yourself as a depraved Sinner, and start declaring by the Power of the Holy Spirit that you are a New Creation in Christ Jesus.

Why do some Christians want to stubbornly hold onto the Old Image of themselves as a Sinner? Without the Power of the Holy Spirit it is impossible to completely defeat temptation and weaknesses. So those who cannot overcome Sin end up accommodating and excusing it, and this becomes part of their denominations theology.

In effect it’s like saying, “If we can’t beat Sin, then we had better not get people’s hopes up, let’s just tell everyone that we are still Corrupt Sinners who have been Saved.”

So the real source of this problem is not being able to overcome Sin because of a rejection of the Power and friendship of the Holy Spirit. By Faith the Holy Spirit empowers you to walk in the victory of your New Creation Reality.

This does not mean that we become free forever of the temptation to commit Sin, but we have the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome it because we are New Creations in Christ Jesus. If you see yourself in the light of what Christ has done for you, you will Win the Game of Life.

Copyright- Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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