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The New You – Restore your Identity

May 25, 2020

In Christ Jesus you are a New Creation. This New You is the person that God created you to be, before we lost our true identity through Sin.

This is why there is so much identity confusion in the Western world today. When we reject Christ we become confused as to who we really are.

As a Christian it is essential to positively affirm your New Creation Reality. Our experiences of failure, weakness and mistakes in the Game of Life tend to erode our inner picture of who we believe we are.

When you are first Born Again in Christ, you receive this New Identity with joy and enthusiasm. But then we go through relationship breakups, business failures, emotional dramas, health problems, and other setbacks. We start to see ourselves as failures, instead of victorious New Creations.

This is where many Christians lose the vitality of their Faith, and as a result become disenchanted. To change this situation ask for Grace from our Lord Jesus Christ to give you New Hope. Grace will empower you to believe in yourself again, by filling you with a Renewed inner picture of Success in Christ.

Grace will enable you to believe in yourself again regardless of your mistakes and failures.

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Craig Holme- 2020/2021/2022/2023/2024/

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