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The New You

May 24, 2020

In Christ Jesus we have the answer for the poor Self Image problem that many people suffer with.

Firstly , we are created in the Image of God. When you consider how you feel about yourself it is a good idea to contemplate Who you are created in.the Image of. We are not created in the Image of highly evolved Monkeys, we are created in the Image of the Most High God.

Many believers have been told that they still are Sinners by Nature, but how can this be reconciled with being created in the Image of God? If you still see yourself as an unworthy, corrupt to the core Sinner, you will not be able to see yourself in the likeness of the Image of God.

Is Christ a Sinner?

Psychologists have found that we identify with sports heroes or celebrities, who we think we would like aspire to or be similar to.

You cannot identify with Christ and at the same time identify yourself as a depraved Sinner. You were a Sinner by nature, then you have been Saved by Grace, and now you are an entirely New Person in Christ . There has been a transformation and a substitution of natures.

You are a New Creation in Christ Jesus. The Image you have of yourself now is as a Winner who will overcome all obstacles, because as God is so are we in this world.

Copyright Craig Holme – Omega Course


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