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How Faith Works

May 18, 2020

Some Believers are under the mistaken impression that Faith is a mystical concept that cannot be understood by mortal man. Yet in Mark 11 we can see that our Lord Jesus Christ wanted us to know how Faith Works. There is very little understanding of the principles of Faith because there is a lack of Revelation in the Church of the true nature of the Sovereignty of God.

Firstly, Jesus spoke in allegories that were readily understood by the Fishermen, Carpenters, Tax Collectors/Accountants, that were listening to him. Mountains in this context represented major problems or issues that we are facing in this life.

It is startling to REALIZE that Jesus taught about speaking to your problems before asking you to believe. This is because most people get the Believing part, but miss the importance of Saying. You must speak to your Mountain and command it to go. To the religious mindset this is very much an alien concept, because to those without Revelation it is solely up to God to remove mountainous problems from our lives, as that type of authority cannot be part of our domain .

Secondly, Jesus knowing that this passage would be disputed and in doubt by future generations, declares that he is speaking the Truth in his description of how Faith Works.

Thirdly, Jesus places emphasis on Speaking to the Mountain with a specific demand. He did not say “ Mountain please  go away” , nor did he say “Mountain go away only if it is Gods will that you leave”.

Your Faith will not work if your Spoken Command is ambiguous or full of doubt, or confused over whether it is Gods will to remove the problem. If you think that God is teaching you a lesson through Sickness or emotional distress or poverty, then you are unlikely to command your problem to depart with Spiritual Authority in Christ.


What do do you think ?

Do we have Spiritual Authority in Christ Jesus to speak to our problems in this life?

Or was Jesus just referring to ethereal concepts that have no relevance to the issues that we face in this time of trial?



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