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Focus on Success

May 17, 2020

Wisdom comes by knowing about the possibility of failure, but not focusing on it. Some modern day psycho-babble gurus seem to suggest that if we think positively then we won’t encounter any form of failure or setbacks. This type of training is more about selling an euphoric high, than equipping people to deal with the harsh realities of life.

To be truly successful we cannot be focusing on failure, but we must learn from our mistakes and not ignore them. A real positive attitude can deal with challenges, without getting dragged downward into despair by them. An attitude of Faith looks for the Solution in the midst of the problem. This problem solver mindset is particularly valuable when the overall economy is going through a correction.

An established hierarchy will make way for the solution provider in times of crisis.

What is your Solution to the Problem?









Just Beat It

How to Succeed when others Fail

Do you Dream of Paradise ?

How to stop worrying. 2


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