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How to get your Prayers answered

April 5, 2020

All of us go through periods of temporary discouragement, where we wonder why it seems our Prayers aren’t being heard. Let’s look at what Jesus had to say about this topic in the Parables. This is not for the faint-hearted, if you are wanting to see results in your Prayer Life then the Parables of Jesus will challenge you to go Higher by refusing to Play the Blame Card.

Matthew 12 V29 AMP – “Or how can anyone go into a Strongman’s (powerful person) house and Steal his property unless he first overpowers and ties up the Strongman? Then he will ransack and rob his house.”

Whilst Jesus Christ was operating in his earthly Ministry before His Crucifixion, the religiously indoctrinated tried to accuse him of Healing the Sick by the power of Satan. The same thing happens today in Western countries when Ministers offer to Pray for the Sick. Immediately an indoctrinated Christian will say, “He is using the power of Satan”, insinuating by default that Satan has power to heal, whereas Jesus doesn’t. Jesus called this accusation “Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, of which there is no forgiveness”. Don’t allow the enemy to convince you that you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit, because you haven’t.

The Strongman in this Parable is a reference to Satan. In another verse, Jesus clarifies that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Firstly, we need to understand that the cause of our trouble is in some cases Satan, and in most cases our own folly. Your problems are not caused by God to teach you a lesson,’you nasty sinner’, as some Teach. If you are confused over this you will never have confidence in Prayer that you will be heard and answered by Jesus Christ in the Heavenly Court of Justice, the Throne of Grace. Therefore Satan’s main aim is to get you to Blame God or the Government or other people for your problems. Playing the Blame Card causes your Prayers to be completely ineffective, and allows our spiritual enemy to cause havoc in your life. Instead of you defeating the works of Satan, you will find that Blaming opens the door to the Curse running rampant in your life and your family.

You can reverse the Curse and bring the Blessings of Heaven into your life if you decide to submit your requests to the Heavenly Courtroom without Blaming. Some Believers subtly Blame God by asking, “Why don’t you care about me?” , “Why do you answer other peoples Prayer and not mine?” This type of Prayer cancels out and nullifies your Faith. If you feel discouraged then ask for Grace in your time of need, and you will experience the Love of Jesus Christ. Grace will empower you to boldly request your needs in the Name of Jesus. However, you must deal with the Strongman. You do this by bringing the source of your problems before Jesus Christ, the Judge in the Heavenly Courtroom, and ask for Judgement on the trouble you are experiencing. Plead your case without Blaming or Complaining or Whinging. You can only defeat the Strongman by the Judgement of Jesus Christ on your situation, by Pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ you can defeat all enemies.

The Curse can only destroy your life, goods, health or your family if it has a Legal Right to do so through unconfessed Sin, disobedience to the Lord Jesus, or unhealthy habits of eating junk food, sugar and lack of exercise, or lack of wisdom. If you confess your Sins they will be forgiven and completely removed forever by the power of the Blood of Jesus. You can then ask for Judgement upon your problems with absolute confidence that your Prayers are heard and will be answered in the Name of Jesus before the Throne of Grace.


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -2

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -3

Legal Rights in the New Covenant – 4

Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 5

Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 6

Legal Rights to the Spirit of Life – 7



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