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Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 6

April 1, 2020

Would you like to be Free of all Guilt and Condemnation?

The Psychologist and Psychiatrist offices worldwide are full of Christians suffering from unresolved Guilt issues. However, the Apostle Paul is very clear in Romans how we can be completely free of the emotional pain caused by Guilt.

Romans Ch 8 V1 KJV – “There  is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus..”

From this first part of the Verse we can therefore deduce that there must be a proviso for being Guilt Free, because as we have stated, Guilt is rampant amongst Believers. One thing is very clear from this, and that is Christians should not be suffering from Guilt and Condemnation in Christ Jesus. The next part of this Verse shows us how we can be free of Guilt.

Romans Ch 8 V1 KJV continued – “who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

So it boils down to a choice we have to make, walk after flesh and we will suffer from Guilt, or walk after the Spirit and we will be completely Free of the anguish of Guilt and Condemnation. This is so obvious that you would need a proponent of Politically Correct nonsense to convince you otherwise. Notice how Paul uses the word WALK in this context, “walk not after flesh”. Walk is a description of a voluntary action that you must take. To follow the dictates of the flesh you must do something, you need to decide to follow impulses that lead to a conviction of wrongdoing. The word Flesh used here also carries more meaning than just the body, it also encapsulates your desires. So if you desire to commit Sin, you are considering following your Flesh, but you don’t actually commit a Sin until you Walk after your desire. The Law of Sin and Death is then activated, and you reap a harvest of Guilt and Condemnation.

How can we be Free of the Law of Sin and Death? By Walking after the Holy Spirit. Fellowship with the Holy Spirit immediately lifts you out of the realm of all negative emotions, including also depression and anxiety. The Flesh will present an argument to your own ego to try to prevent you from walking with the Holy Spirit. Your ego acting as an Inner Critic will tell you, ‘You will not be able to resist these desires that you have for Gambling or Porn or Illicit Drugs.’ Your response should be, “I can overcome all these desires by the power of the Holy Spirit who strengthens me in Christ Jesus, and I am Guilt and Condemnation Free.”

Would you like to be Guilt and Condemnation Free?


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This is Lesson 6 in our Legal Rights Course, contact us if you would like to access the entire Encounter Course material and other Courses that we offer.

Copyright – Craig Holme – 2020/2021.


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