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Spiritual Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 5

March 31, 2020

You have a Spiritual Legal Right to be Guilt Free in Christ Jesus. We are not talking about your Legal Rights in whatever country that you reside in. The topic of discussion in this Series of our Online Bible Study Course is your Spiritual Legal Rights in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God. It comes as a shock to many Christians when they awaken to the realization of their powerful Legal Rights, that they have not previously been claiming or benefitting from.

Romans Ch 8 V1 “There is therefore No Condemnation, No Guilty Verdict, No Punishment, for those who are in Christ Jesus, who Believe in Him as personal Lord and Saviour.” Jesus Christ cannot be your Saviour without also being your Lord. This represents an immediate challenge to the Anti-Christ Political Correctness Agenda. Satan was cast out of Heaven because he wanted equality with God. As such, there is no ‘Equal Rights for all’ in the Heavenly Court of Justice, because there is a very clear hierarchy. Jesus Christ is the absolute ruler and Lord of this hierarchy, and there is none that can claim equality with him. In fact, the act of claiming equality with our Lord Jesus Christ is seen as an act of treason by the Heavenly Court of Justice, with the most severe penalties of being sentenced to Hell.

You can only claim this Legal Right to be Guilt Free, if you have personally surrendered your rights to the ultimate ruler of the universe, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is why you cannot support the PC Agenda and be Saved by Grace, as the two points of view are completely opposite and are in conflict with each other. The PC Agenda is designed to completely undermine all authority structures in our Common Law Legal System, exposing its real purpose which is Marxism by stealth.

Are you going to allow Jesus Christ to be Lord over your Guit and pronounce you Guilt Free in the Heavenly Court of Justice because this is your Spiritual Right?

Or are you going to stubbornly hold onto your personal right to feel Guilty and Condemned if you feel like it, and refuse to submit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ ?


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