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Legal Rights in the New Covenant – 4

March 30, 2020

To be able to correctly understand the Bible we need to see it as the Legal Document of the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God. As soon as our eyes are opened by the Holy Spirit to see it this way, it is easy to understand the content and purpose of what is being stated. The Book of Romans is actually a Revelation of our Legal Rights in Christ Jesusalthough many are completely oblivious of this.

In Romans Ch 8 V1 AMP , Paul explains this with absolute clarity, the only way to misunderstand this is to be deceived by an agnostic ‘Professor of Theology’ who thinks the Political Correctness Agenda makes the Gospel of Grace irrelevant.

“There is therefore now no condemnation, no guilty verdict, no punishment..” We can see here that Paul is establishing a Case for the outworking of our Righteousness in Christ which has been given to us as a Gift, and as such uses Legal language to establish his point. If the New Covenant is just a mystical, ethereal, airy-fairy document, where everything is vague, and ‘you never know what God is going to do’, then WHY use Legal terms to describe it. “No guilty verdict” and “no punishment”are terms used in a court setting, and here Paul is referring to the Heavenly Court of Justice. We have a Legal Right in the Heavenly Courts of the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God to No Condemnation as a result of the Not Guilty Verdict which results in No Punishment.

If you were in a Local Court and you were charged with an offense, and the Prosecuting Attorney or Lawyer accused you of breaking the Law, you would wait for sentencing from the Judge. You would be found either Guilty or Not Guilty, and you would have a chance to plead your case. What would happen if the Judge pronounced you Not Guilty, and then you stood up to declare before the Court that even though you have been declared Not Guilty, you still feel Guilty, and therefore must be Guilty. You may be subsequently referred to the psychiatrist.

Yet, this is the way many Christians treat the Revelation of No Condemnation because of the Not Guity verdict in Christ Jesus. Some Believers will fight and argue to hold onto their false guilt, and will say “Well, I know the Scripture says that we have a Legal Right to No Condemnation, but I think that we should all feel guilty for our sins all the time. After all, I’m happy and comfortable with my guilt and condemnation.” So, in other words,  this person is trying to make an excuse to hide sin in their lives, which has consequences because of the Law of Sin and Death.

Those who try to doctrinally argue against the Revelation of Righteousness in Christ, often bring up that the Gift of Grace becomes an excuse for people to sin. In reality, those who refuse to accept the “No Condemnation because of the Not Guity verdict” of the Heavenly Court as our Legal Right, are the ones trying to cover up something in their lives. Refusing to break the power of Guilt by Pleading the Blood of Jesus over the sin causing it, is a sign of a lack of understanding of our blood sealed Legal Rights in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God.


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