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Your Legal Rights under Spiritual Law -2

March 7, 2020

In Romans Ch 3:20 Paul states,

“For no person will be justified, freed of guilt and declared Righteous in His sight by trying to do the Works of the Law.

For through the Moral Law we become conscious of Sin, and the recognition of Sin directs us towards repentance, but provides no remedy for Sin.”

The Secret Wisdom that Paul is revealing here explains how to be freed from Guilt.

Yet throughout the world the Psychologist and Psychiatrist Offices are filled with all kinds of Christians and other religious people grappling with guilt and related issues.

Paul makes it very clear that the knowledge of Sin becomes apparent to us through the Mosaic Law.

We had no idea that we needed to repent from Sin until we heard the precepts of the Mosaic Law.

But then after hearing the Mosaic Law, we are confronted with an even bigger problem, unresolved guilt from our consciousness of our own failures and mistakes with no solution available.

At this point, many of us try to find a remedy through religious rituals, meditation techniques, illicit drugs and anything else that promises to cure our pain.

This is why Paul explains that you cannot cure your ailment by following the precepts of the Mosaic Law, without a remedy that changes your nature by the Gift of Grace.

As you yield your heart to the Grace of Christ you will find that all guilt and anxiety leaves you, and you are filled with Love, Peace and Joy by the Holy Spirit.

Without the moral code of the Mosaic Law, we have no idea of what is Sinful.

Everything becomes purely relative, and if it feels good then do it.

However, as soon as we hear the moral code we know that we have made some choices that have been mistaken.

To establish your Legal Right to present your case before the Courts of Heaven andthe Throne of Grace, you must deal with your guilt and condemnation.

If you think that you are still feeling guilty of past sins and mistakes, ‘I’m just a corrupt sinner who has been saved by Grace’, then you are going to have no power to plead for your rights.

This is why Paul goes to great length in Romans to establish our Righteous Identity in Christ.

If you don’t know Who You Are in Christ, then you will easily submit to false ideas that appeal to our ‘common sense’, which lead to introspection and listening to our ‘Inner Critic’ point out our failures and weaknesses.

Paul boldly declares that we cannot be freed from guilt by following the 5 Steps to Nirvana, or the 6 Meditation Techniques, or the 7 Prayer Beads, or the strict 8 Religious Rules, or the 9 ways to Penance, or the 10 Rituals for Purity, or any other form of Spiritual Legalism.

This is not just about the Mosaic Law, our egos prefer a religious pathway of rules to follow to try to appease our conscience, which of course is all to no avail, as our Inner Critics will be quick to point out our failure to meet the perfect standards required.

Right Standing with God is a Gift that comes by Grace from Christ which we receive by Faith, and it cannot be attained any other way.


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law.

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Copyright – Craig Holme – All Rights Reserved

Omega Course – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

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