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Secret Wisdom of Paul – 2

November 9, 2019

We can see the Secret Wisdom of Paul revealed in the Book of Galatians.

In Galatians Ch 3 V1 Paul asks, (Passion Version),

“What has happened to you Galatians to be acting so foolishly?

“You must have been under some evil spell!”

In other words, something has happened to the Galatians after the Wisdom of Paul has been revealed to them. At this time the Christians were involved in an ideological battle of ideas, between Moral Law and Grace. The proponents of the Moral Law were teaching that spiritual enlightenment can only be attained by the strict observance of religious rituals and prayer routines. Paul was previously a persecutor of the Church because of his fanatical adherence to Moral Law teachings and practices, before his dramatic conversion on the Road to Damascus. The Teachings of Jesus Christ were perceived to be a huge threat to traditional religious ideas.

Paul continues, “Didn’t God open your eyes to the meaning of Jesus’ Crucifixion?”

Here we can see Paul continuing his theme of Secret Wisdom being revealed. To those without this revelation, the Crucifixion was seen as a sign of the defeat of a rebel against the Roman establishment. However, for those whose spiritual eyes have been opened, the Crucifixion is seen as the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God at Calvary, an essential part of God’s plan to redeem those who would believe in Jesus Christ. For those whose spiritual eyes have not been opened, the Crucifixion is a confusing and baffling mystery that is hidden from their comprehension.


In Galatians, Paul explains the major tenets of the arguments for the Moral Law viewpoint versus the Gospel of Grace. We can contrast this with today’s primary ideological battle in Western Nations, between the Political Correctness Agenda, which could also be called the Immoral Law, and the Gospel of Grace.




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