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Secret Wisdom of Paul – 1

November 2, 2019

Many people do not realise that the Apostle Paul in the  New Covenant discussed the topic of the Secret Wisdom that he was given by Jesus Christ. Others are completely shocked and sometimes overtly hostile when this is revealed to them.

However, if we were to discuss the topic of Secret Wisdom in the context of New Age Mysticism or Esoteric Knowledge or Metaphysical Concepts, it is acceptable and expected. The common notion is that Secret Wisdom is the exclusive domain of the occult or Eastern Religions, but has nothing to do with Christian Doctrine and Teaching.

As we shall see through the Revelation of the Apostle Paul’s Letters and Epistles, the Secret Wisdom that Paul received is an essential platform for understanding his entire message. In fact, because we have not focused on revealing the Secrecy and hidden knowledge of this Divine Wisdom, we have been able to be easily deceived by modern era Secular Philosophical and Political Correctness concepts.




Hidden Wisdom

From 1 Corinthians 2:7 Paul clearly explains that the Message he is Teaching is God’s Wisdom, and that this Secret Wisdom has been hidden since the beginning of time, but is now freely available .

As a result, we would need to ask ourselves,

Who has God’s Wisdom been hidden from?

It has been hidden from those who are wise in their own conceit, and who are subsequently deceived by philosophical concepts which are contrary to the revealed Divine Wisdom. Those who have been indoctrinated with the Political Correctness Agenda find it very difficult to understand the Secret Wisdom of Paul.

Political Correctness Agenda

The Political Correctness Agenda fights against and aggressively persecutes the Truth revealed in the Hidden Wisdom in the New Covenant.




Sadly, in Western society today our value systems are being manipulated in the polar opposite direction of the Wisdom of God. This is happening to such an extent now that any expression of the Truth in the New Covenant is perceived to be a threat to the PC Agenda. This has resulted in a struggle for our fundamental right to freedom of speech.

Speaking the Truth of the Revealed Knowledge of Divine Wisdom is now characterised as “Hate Speech” by the PC indoctrination enforcement Thought Police.

Why is there so little discussion of this struggle of ideas between Divine Wisdom and the PC Agenda?

What is so powerful in the Divine Wisdom that it so infuriates and threatens the PC Agenda?


Political Correctness - 5


Paul explains that the Hidden Wisdom is now revealed for our Glory, as the Glory of God is to be revealed in us.

The Glorious Church

Therefore, the Church is to be glorious in the here and now, as we receive the revelation of Who We are in Christ Jesus,

and what the rightful place of the Church in the world.

Unfortunately, we have allowed the traditions of philosophical and religious concepts that contradict and oppose the tenets of Divine Wisdom, to dramatically weaken the Church.




What is this Hidden Wisdom which we are to reveal?

The Hidden Wisdom includes the spiritual riches that we have in Christ Jesus.

In the next part of this Series we will explore Who We are in Christ Jesus and What has been given to us by Grace.


Roman Revelation


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Secret Wisdom of Paul in Galatians

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