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Grace Revolution

April 2, 2018


The Grace that Paul reveals in the Book of Romans is revolutionary because it makes the rule keeping requirements of all religions redundant. This is also the main reason that Paul’s Revelation of Grace is largely misunderstood today. Grace overthrows the need for religious hierarchies based upon the need to use Meditation Beads, Special Dietary Requirements, Prayer Rituals, Specific Liturgies based on Rule keeping, Offerings to appease the Gods, and other traditions. We are not saying that all religious traditions and hierarchies are bad, that is an extreme position that is not supported by Paul in Romans.


Our traditions need to be based upon the clear teaching of the New Covenant, which can only be understood correctly in the context of the conflict between Grace and Religious Rule keeping and observances, or Grace Vs. Legalism. Some teachers of ‘Grace’ have gone into error by saying that Grace eliminates the need for all religious traditions. This deception is refuted by Paul in the very first Verse of Romans in Ch1V1, where Paul describes himself as a “Servant of Jesus Christ and an Apostle set apart for the Gospel”. Paul introduces the New Tradition of the office of an Apostle, which he later clarifies as one office of the 5 Fold Ministry.


Grace is not against all Religious Hierarchies and Traditions, but Grace replaces Religious Hierarchies that are based upon, and have received any form of their delegated legitimacy and recognition from, Rule Keeping observances, Prayer Beads, prolonged Meditation Rituals, and other ‘nirvana earning’ practices. You cannot earn the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ because it is a Free Gift. Grace reveals that you cannot achieve Nirvana through any for of human effort, because it is freely bestowed upon you. This enlightenment infuriates those who are diligently trying to earn the right to go to Heaven. You can escape the cycle of suffering and rebirth instantly by placing your Faith in the Grace offered to you by Jesus Christ.

What if you make a mistake ?


The problem with thinking that you have to earn your way to Nirvana or Moksha or Heaven or Valhalla is, what happens if you make a mistake, or if you fail to be perfect in your noble quest to follow the 8 strict disciplines ?


You have to go back to the beginning of the mountain and start your spiritual journey all over again. With Grace you receive Samsara as a Free Gift to enter Nirvana, with no strings or religious obligations attached.


To scale the mountain Grace gives you a Free chair lift all the way straight to the top. Grace immediately liberates you from Greed, Hatred, Fear, Racism and Ignorance. What would you prefer, the Free Gift of Grace received by Faith, or an endless struggle with no guarantee you will ever make it because of your past mistakes ?



One thing is sure in life is that we are bound to make mistakes and fail, all of us, that is why we need empowering Grace. For all of us have sinned and failed to live a perfect life.


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You don’t work towards the truth of Grace, you receive it by Faith.

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