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Do you Dream of Paradise ?

July 31, 2016

Life throws many challenges at us to test our resolve.

In the song Paradise by Coldplay the lyrics continue,

“When she was just a girl

she expected the world

But it flew away from her reach

so she ran away in her sleep”

Do you feel like your Dream is beyond your reach now ? It is possible for you to regain the expectation of the world that you had envisioned when you were younger. We let go of our aspirations by experiencing setbacks, and then listening to the “advice” of well meaning people. We hear , “You did your best with your business, but let’s face it, you are not cut out to be a Manager, you’re just like the rest of us are, stuck in a rut. Go back to 9-5 security and forget your Vision of a Holiday Home.”

You will come face to face with failure,but it doesn’t mean that you can’t reach your Goals.

Running away from your Goals doesn’t produce ‘security’, because you still desire to achieve something great with the unique Gifts that you have. You can reignite the passion that you once had by positively affirming your talents and abilities. You will never be satisfied with the mundane, you were born to reach the fullness of your potential.

You will attain your Paradise.



You’re so Unbelievable

You’re Unbelievable

Can I change my life ?

Can I change ?






Copyright – Craig Holme – 2016.

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