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Coldplay Paradise Inspiration – Dreams

July 31, 2016

Have you Lost your Dream of Paradise?

Life throws many challenges at us to test our resolve.

The lyrics of the song Paradise by Coldplay are fascinating,

“When she was just a girl

she expected the world

But it flew away from her reach

so she ran away in her sleep”

Do you feel like your Dream is beyond your reach now ?

Your New Dream is not outside the scope of your own imagination. The only thing that can stop you is if you create an inner picture of failure.

Does your Dream now feel like it would be much harder to attain because of adverse circumstances?

It is important not to focus on your current turn of events but rather to reimagine what you want. In this way you can use your imagination as a motivating force that will attract what your heart desires. Your use of inner images of what you aspire to will cause your creativity to be expanded and greatly enhanced. Many top Artists have learned how to create imagery that inspires their greatest Artworks.

It is possible for you to regain your expectation of financial success, love or happiness, that you had hoped for and envisioned before your setbacks?

Only you can decide this outcome, for better or for worse, and you should not allow others to make this decision for you. Regaining your vision is an inward process that can only be hindered by holding on to bitterness or unforgiveness. If you find that you cannot forgive those who let you down or harmed you,  then you are actually refusing to forgive yourself. Ask for Grace to heal your heart, and your inner peace will return as you let go of past hurts and emotional pain.

Would you like your New Dream to be wiser and clearer now because you have learned from your mistakes?

By referring to your experience as a learning process in the Game of Life, you will be able to receive the Life Lessons given to you. Treating life as a game instead of a battleground helps you to implement the wisdom that you now have.

Is your Desire for accomplishment stronger or weaker than ever?

We can let go of our aspirations by experiencing disappointment, and then if we listen to the “advice” of well meaning people we can give up completely.

Have those who are telling you that your Dream is ‘not realistic’, given up on their own desires and expectations?

We may hear from family and friends , “You did your best, but let’s face it, you are not cut out to be a Manager (or Supervisor or Director), you’re just like the rest of us are, stuck in a rut. Go back to your regular 9-5 security and basic job, and forget your Vision of owning an Investment Property, a much larger Apartment, or your own Holiday Home.”

You will come face to face with failure, as part of the process of your development, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t reach your Goals. If you use the negative experience as a stepping stone to your next favourable outcome, nothing will prevent you from thriving in the midst of difficulty.

Running away from your Goals doesn’t produce ‘security’, because you still desire to achieve something great with the unique Gifts that you have. You can reignite the passion that you once had by positively affirming your talents and abilities.

You will never be satisfied with the mundane, you were born to reach the fullness of your potential.

You will attain your Paradise by creating an inner picture of what you want to achieve.


You’re so Unbelievable

You’re Unbelievable

Can I change my life ?

Can I change ?





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