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Bittersweet Symphony Inspiration – Can I change ?

July 18, 2016

‘Can I change?’ is the question we ask ourselves occasionally when we are striving to achieve our Life Goals.

“Cause it’s a Bittersweet Symphony, this life” is the opening line in the song Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. We have been told by some Personal Development Gurus that we can change for the better if we just strive hard enough, follow all the right rules, and try harder to meditate a little longer.

But what if we find that the more we try to change, the less happy we feel about ourselves ?

The performance based program leaves us in a place where we feel like we are again not quite making it to nirvana.

You try to follow the “Principles for Self Enlightenment”, but when you fail or make mistakes, it leaves you thinking that you are more in the dark than when you started the Program.

Later in Bittersweet Symphony the lyrics describe this experience,

“No change , I can change, I can change, I can change,

but I’m here in my mold,

I am here in my mold.”

We sometimes feel stuck in a mold , maybe this is our depression, or anxiety, or quiet desperation, or financial insecurity, or worry, or perhaps even our fear of failure.

Here I am in my mold, but how can I change ?

Our Egos tell us we just have to do more to be better and asks Why aren’t we doing more?

Our Inner Critic points out our every past failure and makes us feel guilty about our shortcomings.

Is there a better way to achieve the Personal Development that we desire?

If you feel like you have run out of ideas on how to improve yourself, you are now ready to take the next step in transforming your life.

The way to accomplish your Self Improvement Goals is by empowering your Self Image.

If you are suffering from any form of addiction, whether it be Porn, Gambling , excessive use of Video Games, or Illicit Drugs, you may be seeing yourself in a negative light because of some past unresolved trauma. This emotional tension is created by the inner pain that comes from the feelings that we have which have not been cleared.

By deciding to resolve the causes of your heartache and sorrow, the way to do this by forgiving those who have done you wrong opens up to you. Forgiveness releases you from the anguish that is troubling you. Holding onto bitterness towards others prevents the Symphony of Life from playing and blessing you.

You may now know that you are NOT trying to be a better person, as you have been changed by the grace of forgiveness, and you have been released from the burden of past grudges.

You may also now find that you have been completely released from the power of every addiction that controls your emotions.


Who are You ?

.Can I change my life ?

You’re Unbelievable

You’re so Unbelievable













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