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Would you like to be worry free ?

September 20, 2015

There is a Secret to becoming Worry Free that few people understand.

To become free of worry and anxiety we need to overcome the desire of the Ego to control every problem that arises in our life. I am regularly contacted by those who go to intensive Meditation Retreats, or use special Prayer Beads, or take the latest Pill,  all to try to overcome anxiety. I am not saying anything against Meditation or Prayer Retreats, if conducted properly they can be of great benefit.

But, these ‘Spiritual Seekers’ often say to me ,”Despite all that I am doing to rid myself of my anxiety problems, nothing seems to work. I am working harder on it than ever before, but I’m still spending half the night worrying.”

This was my own experience before I discovered the Secret to overcoming worry and anxiety.

The central issue is that your Ego will start asking these anxiety producing questions, “What are you doing to solve your problems ?”, or “Why are you Not sorting out your problems?”, or “Why are you pretending that you don’t have any problems?”

Your Inner Critic will then add, “You are not doing enough, you neglected this task and that important detail”.

When you realize that your Inner Critic will never be satisfied with anything you are doing,

and that your Ego wants you to try to solve all your problems by more Self effort, or by Playing the Victim Card,

you are ready to find the Secret Place of Grace, where you will find inner peace and rest.

Grace be to You, and Peace from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ. We enter into this Grace by Faith and not by endless Religious Rituals.



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