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How can you be Worry Free ? 3

September 20, 2015

Most of us have got so used to worrying that we think that it is a normal state of mind.

But what if you could experience peace and tranquility on a daily basis,

without having to take the latest pill, or changing your hectic lifestyle ?

Worry and anxiety come from focusing your mind on problems,

and thinking that you are responsible for those issues.

Your Inner Critic will say,”That problem has been caused by your ignorance,

you are not paying enough attention to the negative issues.”

If you follow the advice of your own Inner Critic you will end up running around in circles,

getting more and more wrapped up in red and green and blue tape,

trying to solve the problem.

Instead try switching off all TV,  and Social Media notifications on your phone,

for an hour, and go for a walk.

As you stop trying to solve your problem, the solution will appear as a picture or a new idea in your mind,

or by suggestion from others who are oblivious to what you are experiencing.

Don’t ask other fellow worriers what the solution is,

as they will point the finger back at your faults, or Blame others as the cause of the problem.



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